Saturday, November 22, 2008

This child warms my heart

Dakotah is so little, so sweet, so amazing, so charming and I am still amazed by some of the things he does and some of the things he does: This week one stands out above the rest: I was playing my new Robin Thicke CD which I LOVE<>

Some of Dakotah's "cuteness":
Dakotah says to me today: I LOVE YOU MAMA!!!!!! OMG, those words melt my heart every time he says them but ESPECIALLY when he says them on his own, not in response to me saying I love you!!!

We are driving down the road and he says to me: hey mama, we passed him (talking about the car next to us)..I said Oh yeah! he said "yeah, we're WINNING him"......

We have dinner guests last night and Rizzo the cat comes parading in....Carrie shoots me a look like "don't say anything about the worms":(she thinks the cat has worms, I don't think he he does)..anyhew, all of the sudden as Rizzo is crawling up on Shanti's lap Dakotah says with the funniest look on his face "HE HAS WORMS"...kid's do say the darndest much for not saying anything about the "possible worms"...btw, I told D Thursday that I really needed him to wash his hands after petting Rizzo "cuz Rizzo has bugs" (I didn't want to freak him out by saying WORMS)..he looks at me and says: "NO HE DOESN'T, HE HAS WORMS"...OOKKKAYYY...this kid doesn't miss anything....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween cont.........

After visiting auntie bev at work we went to Mima's work. D and I had made little treats for the gals in her unit (along with the cupcakes)...he was SO cute as he handed each one of the girls a dum-dum wrapped with tissue and tied with ribbon (to look like a ghost)...again, he had so much pride because we told everyone that he made them.......we had lunch with the unit and hung out with mima for a bit the home for a nap.

After nap time we were headed to Gramma's I thought D did not want to put on his costume BUT as soon as we got outside he saw 3 trick or treaters (scary boys as D called them)..he promptly said "where's my bat costume"..he put it on and we went to the 3 neighbors houses that we have a relationship with.....Georgia next door and her husband whom D had to show his "squishy skeleton head that has bugs in it"...HE ONLY SHOWED THE "BOYS" THIS TOY ALL DAY NO GIRLS...HMMM!!!! then we went to Kevin's and he gave Dakotah a cut little stuffed bear that said Happy cute...then to the neighbors across the street who were gearing up for a party....then off the Gramma's.....of course D knew cousin Sam was going to be there so he was super excited! We got there and went trick or treating.....we went to the "scary house" down the street from my moms house...they really do it up..truck in the driveway with a mummy in it....a chest in the front that shakes and makes scary noises when you walk by it...D wanted to know if t his was "pretend"...he had NO intereset in getting any closer than the house next door. He was interested in knowing what everything was and we ended up going across the street to watch while Gramma and Sam walked by the chest to make it shake...he was so cute....the CUTEST was when he saw my moms neighbors little girl who was dressed like pooh bear and was carrying a honey pot...D took a piece of candy out of his trick or treat pumpkin and put it in her honey pot....IT WAS ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS WHEN I WAS SO PROUD OF HIM.....and not to mention it was adorable.......anyhew, it was a great night and D had so much fun!