Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun at the fair


So, we started the day yesterday wanting to head to OMSI or to the Children's museum....figured out both are closed on Mondays so we decided to hit up the last day of the Oregon State Fair and I am so glad we did. We arrived at the fair at about 12:30 and left at almost 8 p.m. We had a BLAST! We rode kiddie rides, ate cotton candy (NEVER before eaten by the boy but he always wants to get it but mean ole mama won't let him). We decided that Cotton Candy will be our once a year special treat at the State fair (there is something to say for traditions). Dakotah did tell me that he thought it was gross that it was spun sugar (but he still happily ate his 2 handfuls).

We watched a kids circus performance, saw the dinosaur exhibit and played on the skate ramps. It was a beautiful day and now we have more memories to add to the memory pool.

The ride home consisted of a passed out boy who stayed asleep while being carried in the house, held in one arm while bed covers were being pulled back, pants being taken off and light on so mama could turn the fan on.......ZONKED......that's a sign of a GREAT day at the fair. Can't wait until next year!