Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Genius?

NAH, just a really smart boy!

So, last week I went in D's room and asked Carrie "where is Dakotah's
(that means I was spelling it not saying it)....?"....and Dakotah says "yeah, where's my MILK (saying it not spelling it)"?..and starts looking for his milk where it usually sits..."oh, you can spell MILK now" I say...and D responds...."hee,hee, where's my M-I-L-K"? (spelling it).....guess, we can't spell MILK anymore if we are trying to be secretive!! sheesh!!

Superbowl Sunday we are leaving auntie Donna's house and Sam say's to D..."hey, D how do you spell milk...and he looks at her like, ARE YO SERIOUS?...and says..M-I-L-K!!! like duh SAM!!!! OMG, this kid!!!


Mommy said...

Oh my goodness! Mama and Mima are in trouble now :O) I think you may have a future spelling bee champion!

Bobby Binko said...

OH no, once they learn to spell...haha. I can't believe how smart he is? It's crazy! (But in a good way!)

It's us, the Richardsons in OlyWa. said...

Oh my word! Go D!!!