Sunday, January 6, 2008

almost 18 months old

So, Dakotah will be 18 months old in 5 days. I just had a few moments of reflection of July 13th-July 26th , 2006. A time period that seems to be light years away from where we are now. The longest 13 days of my life. Waiting, wondering, hoping, believing that we would bring our son home. Here I am today, the proud mama of the most amazing, beautiful, charismatic little boy a woman could ever hope for. SO, today I decided to start a blog that will be for me to use as a journal for my son to one day read! I am almost certain that he will always know and feel how completely in love with him I am.....but, just in case he ever wonders...I think this is a perfect way to document the day to day experiences and joy that he brings me! One day I may not be able to explain so clearly!!!!!! SO, my on-line journal begins today-A TRIBUTE TO DAKOTAH WESTON!!!!!!!


Mj said...

What a GREAT picture of you both. Oh the happiness that shines through both your faces. You are a GREAT mom Shanon, and I am proud of you. It makes my heart sing to see you so happy, and I am ever greatful for the gift Rachael and Weston gave all of us. Whew!!! Sure hope I can meet them someday.

Love you, Mama

Donna said...

Great idea and something he'll treasure for a lifetime...I look forward to frequent updates on the beautiful boy!! (And his beautiful moms, of course!)
with love,