Friday, January 11, 2008

My little boy is 18 months old today!

So, 18 months ago, the most beautiful, amazing little boy was born into this world. He was given life and a chance to be a part of this world because his Birthparent's, R and W chose life for him-they gave him his roots. AND, they chose US to give him his wings! This blog is for him! From here on out, I will write as if writing to my son but invite all of you, our friends and family to read and enjoy the memories and words that I am putting here in this blog!

Dakotah, my sweet, beautiful, smart, miracle of a child: I can hardly believe that you are 18 months old already. It seems like only moments ago that I first layed eyes on you. You were sleeping in your carseat sitting on Melissa's living room floor. You were so tiny and perfect!!!! I spent the entire night before meeting you in disbelief that your birthparents chose me and your mima to be your mama's for the rest of your life. I also spent the evening writing and thinking and writing some more, and hoping and thinking and writing some more......anything to get me through to the next day when I could actually lay my eyes on you. The next day was the longest day of my life. We wandered around downtown Tacoma aimlessly waiting for the phone call that would tell us it was time. We waited and waited and waited! We finally drove to Seattle to meet with Katie, our counselor from the Adoption agency. She thought it would be a good idea to finish up some paper work while we were waiting to hear about meeting you. Well, after hours, we were told that we should head home because we hadn't heard anything yet. My heart sank as we walked to the car and started to drive home. We got into Tacoma and the phone rang. It was Katie telling us that she finally got a call and we could go meet you. The next several hours were intense and scary and somewhat of a blur. We were told that you had a "serious" health problem and that is why we had not heard form anyone-because you had been in the hospital! Oh, we were so scared BUT we drove to meet you immediately because you were our son, you were coming home with us NO MATTER WHAT. Well, the 10 days following were full of politics, red tape and frustration AND LOVE AND COMMITTMENT AND PERSERVERANCE ON THE PART OF YOUR BIRTHPARENTS AND YOUR Adoptive parents. AND HERE WE ARE TODAY....You are 18 months old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been an amazing, fullfilling journey so far and I can't wait for tomorrow and next week and next month and next year. One day ata time, loving you, hugging you, watching you grow, teaching you, learning form you, showing you the world and seeing the world through the eyes of a child-YOU!!!!!!!! You are an amazing GIFT that your mama will cherish forever in her soul!!!!!!! I love you more that I ever imagined possible. P.S. THE "health problem" turned out to be called "GERD"-you'll know about it when you grow up but it has resolved itself and you are 100% healthy!!!!

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