Tuesday, February 12, 2008

19 months old

I can hardly believe you are 19 months old...yesterday! You are more amazing every day. You are learning new words everyday, stringing two and three words together ("shoot that ball", "bye-bye house", "let's do this" are a couple of my faves). You are still completely obsessed with basketball and now rather than saying BBALL, you are trying SO hard to say "basketball". It sounds like "thataball". Oh! my, I can't even let a day go by without talking about all the cute things you do.....I absolutely love being around you every day, I love spending my waking moments with you reading books, playing music, going to the library, going to the indoor playground, swimming lessons or whatever else fun we might find to do on any given day. Today you completely amazed me as we came home from swimming lessons, I drove past our street, I was watching you in the rearview mirror, you were looking quite puzzled and about 2 blocks down...you pointed back and said "house, house"....you KNEW I passed our street...when I turned around and went home...you giggled and said..HOME...how can you be SO cute?????? I am so full of love for you, it's CRAZY. I am so proud that you are my son.....

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