Monday, July 21, 2008

IT'S BEEN AWHILE-And Now my boy is 2 years old!!!!

WOW! does time fly!!! So July 11th has come and gone and my beautiful, talented and amazingly charismatic son has turned two years old......2 years 10 days old to be exact!!! We had an amazing partry for him at his auntie bev's home...a "pool" party that was an absolute blast........previously, I have been blogging as if addressing D but as you see I now just talking as If I would talk to each person individually (it's MUCH easier for me)! SOOOOOO, yes Dakotah is 2! He is AMAZING.....talented beyond words (he seems to have picked up the musical talents passed onto him by his birth family and nurtured from the beginning by us)! He is a fantastic drummer at age 2 (not just BANGING and hitting BUT DRUMMING) neighbor, Georgia came to the fence this morning and said "who's the drummer"? She had NO idea is was D.....she said he had RYTHM and actually sounded like he was drummin...YEP, he does and he was! Anyway, I giggle when he shakes his head when he is drumming as if he has landed on another planet...and I giggle even more when he looks up at me and says "I'M THE BAND".....Yes, sweet boy YOU are the band.......drums, guitar, harmonica....a one man band.......(as he told me this am....."mama, I'm the man:........) OK, yes I play into the egocentric world of my 2 year old....BUT, he also says please and thank you, knows how to share and to take turns so FOR NOW.......I'll let him be THE BAND AND THE MAN!!!!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVe, love THIS BOY WITH EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING..........I am the luckiest mama in the entire world...(aren't we ALL)???? more later........

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