Friday, October 17, 2008

We went to the pumpkin patch at Sauvie's Island
last Sunday with Katie and Big B....two of D's
favorite people. We had a BLAST...D LOVED the
"hay ride"..picking out his pumpkin and washing his"baby pumpkins" at the checkout....It was so fun to watch his eyes lite up at the site of the field of pumpkins , the over sized trash can
used to wash the pumpkins, the pigs rolling in their pen, chickens running free in the grass, HUGE tractors to sit on and corn in the cob! IT WAS AN AWESOME DAY AT THE PUMPKIN PATCH!!! p.s. We have 5 pumpkins!!!!!

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the Richardsons said...

I wish our pumpkin patch had a pumpkin washing can, too. We ended up using a burp cloth (they are ubiquitous when we travel).
Cute photos!