Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trying to prepare for first overnight away from Baby D

So we will be taking our first trip away from Dakotah on September 19th-21st. IT'S ONLY TWO NIGHTS but I have been nervous and anxious since making the hotel reservation in San Francisco. I know that this is a good thing for Carrie and I as a couple and that this will be much harder on me that on Dakotah (He will be in VERY good hands). So, I have been waiting for an opportunity to begin talking to Dakotah about this. We were driving to D's Auntie Bev's yesterday (which happens to be VERY close to the airport) and the planes are always flying very low....D notices them and always comments so this time I said "hey, baby do YOU want to go on an airplane".....D responds "UM, no I'M too big for an airplane"....hee!hee! that's funny!!! So, I say "Can Mama go on a plane and he looks at me and says "NOOO (as if to say silly, why would you do that_? then I say "What if Mama and Mima go on an airplane and you can stay with Bo Bo and TT....."??? HE quickly says "NAH, I think maybe not"!!! HE THINKS MAYBE NOT????? Well, good thing I have a couple more weeks before take off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuz Mama and Mima ARE going on a plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids are SO damn CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Meg Weber Jeske said...

Wow - San Francisco sounds fun! I am excited for you and Carrie to get away. And I imagine it will be hard to be away from D too. His airplane comments were really cute.

Isabella said...

I am just now realizing how to post and checked out your blog - it is so amazing and you continue to inspire me to be the best mom I can be. I am excited for you for your trip (we both know you'll be calling every thirty minutes)and we definitely have to get together soon (if only for you to teach me the ways of Facebook!) Love you three, Naomi and Isabella! P.S. this is what we are typing in our most recent blog photo:)