Sunday, January 4, 2009

The BIG BOY potty

In june, Dakotah was showing a lot of interest in the potty..he used it a couple of times a day for a few days....then BAM..he decided I DON'T WANT TO USE THE POTTY so we layed off...we knew that when he was ready it would happen and we knew that HE knew when he had to go and that he COULD use the potty so we just decided that when he was ready he would be hurry...he wasn't even 2 yet!!!! *that's him in the picture above in June the first time he went pee in the BIG boy potty

FAST FORWARD to 6 months later: Dakotah is officially potty trained....he decided 13 days ago that he wanted to use the potty first thing when he woke up, mama pulled up his pants and that was the end of the diapers...we sported pull ups the first 2 days in public and went commando in sweats the rest of the time...after 2 days of reminding him about every 15 to 30 minutes that he didn't have a diaper on and to let me know if he needed to use the potty, he had the hang of it...he still wasn't sure about the big POOP in the potty on a regular basis but he has it down now and is quite PROUD of himself...he has only had a handful of accidents....stays dry most nights..(we still put a pull-up on at night JUST IN CASE)..but he is officially in BIG BOY diapers, no pull ups during the day and WOW am I proud of him....he can even hold it in the store, restaraunt etc..until we get to the bathroom....HE'S A BIG BOY NOW.............and he is 2 1/2 TODAY!!!!

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