Monday, December 22, 2008


So, on Saturday's Dakotah usually hardly knows that I exist and I usually go to work......this is his day with Mima and he seems to know it!!! Today I was standing in the kitchen and I said, "I think Dakotah thinks it's Saturday" (as he was ALL ABOUT HIS MIMA all morning)....he was leaning over on the floor and he says "NO, IT'S SUNDAY" which we both looked at eachother and Carrie says "WTF, he's too young to know it's Sunday, there is no way he could know that".....and Dakotah says "No, I'm NOT"......WTF???? OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKAAAAAYYYYYYY!! So, Carrie says well how old ARE YOU and he says "THREE"..oh, well okay if you are 3 then I guess you would know that Mr. not even 2 1/2 yet..................BIG SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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