Monday, December 8, 2008

We headed to Wheeler Tree Farm yesterday to get our Christmas tree. We were all very excited and I mentioned to Carrie that perhaps we should get a tree for my auntie Patty. We got to the farm, headed into the "forest" to pick our tree...Dakotah promptly starts marching and saying hut(not sure of the spelling on this) ...two....three....four and saying to us "lets go, lets go, lets get our tree"...I was so delighted to see how happy he was to be marching into the woods to pick out his Christmas tree....we stopped and looked at a cute maybe 5 foot tree and Dakotah says "Shall we get this for auntie"?..........AH!!!!!! well, of course we promply cut the tree down and Dakotah held it the entire time as Mima was sawing was so super duper CUTE.......and once again I was reminded of what a thoughtful, special little boy we have....he picked a tree for auntie before even getting ours...we took it to her when we were done and she was SO HAPPY and it is decorated and in her living room.....I showed Dakotah a pic of it this am and he wanted to know where she put it and if he could go over and see it......TIS THE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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Rick said...

Awww, what a sweetheart! Love the photos, keep 'em coming!
Hugs, Annie