Friday, December 19, 2008

the zoo lights were FANTASTIC

WE bundled up and went to the zoo lights last night...the ground was covered in snow and it was perfect....Dakotah was lit up so bright and had a BLAST.....the lights were amazing....I can't imagine how long and how many people it takes to prepare the zoo!!! They had a big polar bear and Ruldolph at the front gate when you entered hugging everyone...big and little kiddos...Dakotah was delighted by Ruldolph and go SEVERAL hugs from him/her.....he did not want to go on the train AT ALL!!!!!! he actually was a little frightened by it so mama went by herself! Mima gave her and Dakotah's tix away! What a great tradition to start and well worth getting a zoo memebership for...we nearly paid for the night with our year long memebership! We'll make it an annual event!! Maybe D will want to go on the train next year!!!!

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